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Yummy brekky before day 2 of expo setup! I had a bircher muesli with chia and goji plus a soy cappuccino, while @katuskat had a warm banana bread with a soy chai latte. All this yummyness can be found at Potts’ Spot❤️👌
Gimme veggies!!! @katuskat and I shared a red cabbage walnut salad with steamed greens, mashed and roasted potatoes for dinner… Stomach is happy and I’m ready for some much needed snoozing. Gnite!👌
Today I’ve had two bananas and two walnut cookies during expo setup so this is my first real meal of the day while I wait for @katuskat to land… I’m STARVING. And i’m craving veggies like there is no tomorrow. Warm grilled chicken salad at Maccas, I’m desperate! This can be my entree to something more substantial later… #conventionlyf #veggiecravings #fastfood #grilledchicken #salad #mcdonalds #sydney #dinner #food #foodtogo #foodisfuel #mealforameal
To reward myself for the weekend work I’ve got a massive bowl of fries to feast on (yay!), plus a #vegetarian option of yummy sauteed veggies and cheese cauliflower from Spit Roast Shop down the street👌#sydney #vegout #reward #cheat #vegetarian #fries #dinner #food #mealforameal
Brekky from yesterday: Berry and banana pressed juice and a massive crunchy toasted granola fruit yogurt parfait (can’t tell from this photo) and today is an indulging hazelnut cacao avocado pressed juice plus a few bananas. So very, very pleased with all this yummyness👌🍌🍫 @swissbakerz @pressedjuices
Okay, I can’t help it. I have to share this pad thai, it’s SO TASTY. I’ve just arrived back at the hotel after a full day of con, and all I want to do is put my feet up, eat this vego pad thai from @appe_thaizing (where you’re welcomed by a cute little thai boy who ends up shooting invisible bullets at you with his nerf gun), and rehydrate myself with @coconutcollective water in front of endless episodes of friends until my eyes close and I fall into a deep stage of savasana! #chillout #cravingpadthai #thaifood #vegetarian #dinner #food
Off to Sydney tonight for a week of gaming conventions for work✌️ Unsure of how much time I’ll have to put together posts so I’m going to take a break from insta (uwhaaat??!😱)… Here’s to the next few days of card games, papercraft model making and not to mention loads of chatter about Minecraft #fakegeek. Cheers!~🍻 Berry Chocolate Overnight Oats❤️~ Mix and leave overnight [1/2cup rolled oats, 1cup milk, 1/2tbsp raw cacao powder] ~ Next day top with some nice cream and blueberries! Happy Friday all~👌
Work Lunch Series❤️~ Mum’s Cooking: Roast chicken drumstick with steamed bok choy and brown rice👌#chicken #rice #mumscooking #worklunch #lunch #preparedlunch #foodtogo #foodisfuel #fuelyourbody #yummyness #nourish #food #fitfam #healthyfoodshare #feelextraordinary  #mealforameal
Butterscotch Crunchy Granola Toast🌰🍌🍞❤️~ Spread a bit of peanut butter and layer 1 cut banana onto organic spelt and chia bread ~ Top with @thehunterco nutellaheaven blend granola ~ Drizzle over ‘butterscotch’ sauce [1tsp lucuma powder and 1tbsp coconut oil]👌
More birthday baking! 🍪🍪🍪Here’s a batch of Salted Caramel Hob Nobs I whipped up two nights ago for a colleague’s birthday (so many birthdays in September). I’d like to call it my special healthy salted caramel sauce, drizzled over the @iquitsugar recipe for these yummy crunchy cookies. I managed to find non-dairy butter so these are both #dairyfree and #refinedsugarfree! Was super happy to receive a lot of positive feedback on these at the office-YAY!👌