louisa kwan

♥ a photo collection on wellness ♥

Work Lunch Series❤️~ Avocado, cucumber, carrot, pepita spread, chia seed sandwiches! Spread courtesy of @mayversfood and chia seed bread from #purebred #glutenfree breads. Simple yummyness x👌
Nutellaheaven Banana Smoothie🍫🍌❤️~ Thanks to @rachael_attard for the recipe and @thehunterco for their granola of yummyness! It’s actually melted on me so it’s now more of a smoothie than a banana split haha. Moving right along: Blend 2 frozen bananas with 1/2cup coconut cream. Top one cut banana with half the blended ice cream. Add 1/2tbsp raw cacao and blend remaining ice cream and add to plate. Sprinkle with #thehunterco Nutellaheaven blend granola. Monday turned Fun-Day 🙌👌
Work Snack Series❤️~ With the satisfaction of drinking teas last week, I’m going to make it a habit from now on at work:
✴️ Pukka Teas: Three ginger and elderberry/echinacea. Courtesy of @healthyenergy_nutrition
✴️ Cucumber topped with @henryjonesco raspberry and chia spread
✴️ Medjool dates with crunchy peanut butter
✴️ Cocobiotics Coconut Choc Chunk prebiotic energy bar (for chocolate cravings!) from @nutraorganics
Yummyness x❤️👌
Yoga done and now off to ‘spring into wellness’🌸~ Have the perfect on-the-go food for brekky: Blueberries Vanilla & Teff Muesli Pod from @lovefoodforhealth. In my car, about to add water and munch away before the launch at @healthyenergy_nutrition👌
High Tea of Yummyness with sis at #mamorchocolates 🍷☕️🍫🍰🍓~ The best part was when they (who I like to call the tea connoisseur) introduce me to their Mamor Cacao Tea made from their own grounded cacao nibs. You will see he showed us the raw cacao beans (to the right) before they were crushed and grounded (to the left). #Chocolateperfection👌 (at Mámor Chocolates & High Tea Szalón)
How I wish I could eat this for brekky… Very close to it! I am off to a high tea date with my sis this morning. Brunch could not be any sweeter😊❤️~ Here’s a regram of some #panachocolate cake I gave her on her birthday. I believe it consisted of a coconut/blueberry cake, pistachio and chocolate, brownie and green tea strawberry. Yummyness that I’ll soon treat myself too!👌 Enjoy your saturdays all :) x
Anything Goes Fruity Yogurt Bowl🍌🍏🍯🍫🌰🍓❤️~ Top 1/2cup greek yogurt with whatever fruit you want, spoon whatever spread you fancy, and sprinkle over muesli, seeds or raw cacao - anything you like… (For me with chocolate of course). It’s Friday! \0/😊👌
Very Berry Yogurt Bowl🍓🍓🍓❤️~ Top 1/2cup greek yogurt with a handful of mixed berries and @freedomfoodies buckwheat and quinoa, drizzle over with @henryjonesco raspberry and chia topping (add a little hot water) I got in this month’s @goodnessmebox! Sweet, creamy and berrilicious bowl of yummyness is served~👌
Choc Nutty Pear Yogurt Bowl🌰🍐❤️~ Mix 1/2cup greek yogurt with cinnamon, top with 1 chopped up pear, walnuts and 1tbsp @mayversfoods dark chocolate super spread… Healthy fat yummyness x👌
Fruity Butterscotch Yogurt Bowl🍏🍓🍯❤️~ Make with 1/2cup greek yogurt topped with 1 grated green apple, handful of mixed berries, @yousli gluten free mix with cinnamon (so yum!) and drizzled over with ‘butterscotch sauce’ [lucuma powder + coconut oil]👌